Support & Consulting for Network & Infrastructure

ServiceDesk & Support Desk

Accessible/reachable/available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year! 

Your main point of contact for all customer inquiries, fault reports, technical issues, cancellation hotline, etc. 

Our Service Desk will answer your calls under your name with the agreed text. 

Tickets will be opened in your ticket system (customers) and then further processed if desired. *Subject to contract agreement.

Our Support Desk offers direct support for your staff or clients all the way up to their computer desktop.

Network Monitoring

Live monitoring of 

- Networks, Network Nodes, and Network Components, 

- Servers, Server Farms and Applications 

Agreed processes will be initiated and maintained. In addition, necessary measures are initiated and monitored. 

Error messages / trouble tickets are narrowed down and resolved. 

You will receive regular reports (reportings).


Customers can expect an experienced project support for all installation services. 

Typical installation services assembly dismantling, removal, and reconstruction (IMAC - Install, Move, Add & Change) which include professional on-site visits (site surveys). 

SUCONI performs all services with a dedicated support team to ensure all our customers a reliable quality of service.

All installation services for IT and communication networks are provided in Europe.

WLAN Services

Wifi or wireless networks for enterprises and public areas are becoming more and more in focus. The following services can be recieved from us:

Simulate the desired wireless network (WLAN) or measured locally and point out the access point / installation points.

Design a concept for your wireless network.

Carry out the construction of your wireless network, or take the project management of your awarded partners. 

You can also get special installations such as hidden installations, special holders and installations in difficult locations (for example, at high altitude), ...

measurement and documentation of the entire wireless network after installation.

check and optimize installed wireless networks.


Troubleshooting is provided up to SLA4 in Germany with guaranteed response times. 

All orders are always done at a single point of contact (SPOC). 

Our qualified Field Support technicians are positioned in strategic places around the nation so that fixed departure times can be arranged and guaranteed. 

Our storage and logistics concept is so conceptualized that it supports the debugging process. The required spare hardware can quickly be picked up at the storages, or are delivered by a courier to the nearest storage place. (Rendezvous).

IT-Hardware Service und Repair

Your business wil receive  IT hardware service for the LAN equipment in your company (for example, servers, laptops, PCs & USVN). 

Often, this service is ordered as a warranty extension. Therefore, different reaction, response times and service levels are possible. 

Our service desk is your main point of contact. Our Agent manages the reparations on behalf of your customers. 

Supported hardware: HP, Dell, and FSC.