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Our new Website is online!

We are pleased to welcome you to our new website. 


Take a look and find the right solution for your company.

Lecture at broadband conference.

SUCONI was invited to the LDEW broadband conference in Mainz, in addition to many very interesting corporate and other speakers, to give a presentation on the planning and efficient operation of city networks.

Suconi presented here before the master plan concept, which includes all the steps for a successful and economical operation of a city network beginning with the idea to the "end-of-life".


Together with the CATV Group, a multi-tenant platform for triple play services, the corresponding business model and a live demonstration of IPTV services was presented beyond.

WLAN Hotspots in public places in Stuttgart


Public Wi-Fi in cities, municipalities, public institutions, shopping malls, restaurants, cafes, and bistros is an integral part of public life and is increasing on popularity and is on high demand. In many public places already, Hotspots arise with free internet access, which citizens as well as tourists or visitors can easily access.


To enable free wireless internet access for everyone, a pilot project has been started in Stuttgart. Suconi carried out all installations at the Schillerplatz, City Hall Square, the I-point, and at the Schlossplatz. Through close cooperation and collaboration with the client, it was possible to match the start of the Protestant Kirchentag with the operation of  the WLAN network.

These hotspots allow users unlimited surfing, which achieve maximum speeds up to 150 mbit.

SUCONI relocated

SUCONI builds a bridge to a new office. The relocation of our headquarters to the north of Stuttgart is complete. On March 1, 2014 we moved to Kornwestheim inside the Salamander complex. 


Not only the further growth of SUCONI has been met, but also our easy to reach location has been significantly improved. With over 400 free parking spots and a train station directly in front of our door, staff and visitors can easily find us.

Enormous well-lighted multifunction stadium with Wi-Fi

Free Wi-Fi offers in locations such as airports, Train stations, central squares, and streets are all a part of today´s trend. With the SAP Arena in Mannheim, another major sports and entertainment venue was supplied with full wireless access. 


For large "events" such as concerts and sporting events, the SAP Arena makes it possible for the 15,000 visitors to have free internet service via Wi-Fi hotspots. SUCONI made this possible by installing 160 Cisco Accesspoints (Cisco Connected Stadium solution).

Technical Support Services - a service with potential

When companies offer online applications or tools, the support for the employees using them must be ensured.  These specific applications and their systems, usually have little to do with the core business of the company, but often have technical issues that need to be supported. The availability of support is mostly difficult to assess, which is why more and more companies are choosing to outsource their own technical support, as it was with the following company.


In 2012, we started providing IT support for a staffing service company with offices in Germany, England and Austria. Several hundred employees trustfully contact our Service-Desk agents to get qualified assistance on all aspects of their systems and standard applications.

Monitoring Services - Hosting

Today, companies focus more on cloud solutions. This represents companies that provide services and/or look after systems for new challenges. Service providers are required to provide a communicative customer interface with technical expertise 24x7. Systems must constantly be monitored so that quick solutions are brought about in the event of an error.


Since August 2011, SUCONI has been working for a very successful German service provider. SUCONI monitors thousands of servers with various services and applications, daily. Through the 24x7 monitoring and built up knowledge base, we are able to detect and resolve errors before the customer even notices them. If we can not resolve the errors ourself, we will immediately pass them on to a technician on duty.

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